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We extend a warm welcome to you, our valued guest, as you step into the world of S C Estolano Construction Corporation. We are thrilled to have you here and share our passion for excellence in construction.


The SCECCs’ purpose is to be the valued partner of customers in obtaining the best interior construction services. The company wants to be the leader in the kind of business established. It aims to provide excellent services to client and to upgrade the lives of every employee within the company through proper development.

SCECC wants to be known for its quality service that provides its customer the best interior construction services. The satisfaction of the clients is very important to the company. To achieve that, the company will perform its best to meet the needs and wants of its customer. SCECC will continue providing trainings to its workers to make them productive and to enhance their skills and knowledge in the latest construction methods and techniques, modern tools and equipment to facilitate work. The company will continue its good relations to its suppliers to benefit from greater discounts, better credit terms, and higher quality products. 

The company’s drive and passion for providing high quality services to its customers leads them to success. SCECC is not just focusing on its success, but also with the development of productivity of each employee. By upgrading the knowledge and skills of every employee, the employees will be enthusiast to do their jobs and perform well for the company. With good set employees, SCECC will be able to gain success as they work as one. Without trusty employees SCECC cannot perform its operation well. The employees are the asset and strength of the company. 

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